Hi, I'm Vernel

I believe there is one Creator, who created everything; and, I am His handy work, and a gift to Himself.

I believe I have a responsibility to the Creator and a reason for being here on His planet.

I believe what I do for the Creator should include others and bless them in some way.

I believe, that just like I did not have anything to do with being born, I should not spend any time worrying, but rather, I should live according to His will for my life; and live joyfully.

I believe in having faith (in the Creator), along with works. The works start with me nurturing my God spirit.

I know I must decrease daily so His Holy Spirit can increase, daily, in me.

I know I have no value to the Kingdom of God if I don’t allow Him to lead me in His Truth and show me His Way, which can only occur with transformation.

The five milestones helped me to overcome 6 health diagnosis without the need for surgery or medication; helped me to realize I am an Author, Songstress, Teacher, Coach and Entrepreneur, plus, provided new income sources, and still is, my life’s journey.

I welcome you to apply these five milestones to your life and watch your transformation occur in the most beautiful, gentle and impactful way... you, living life on purpose, instinctively positive, passionate and powerful.

"An essential balance and soothing leader for my peace of mind!"

“I always said if I am ever diagnosed or faced with a health condition, I would call Vernel first. She has always proven herself to be able to provide health options and understanding, while at the same time provide the natural/holistic options necessary for the best results. Her teachings has been a powerful tool in my status of healthiness: mentally, physically and spiritually. She has been an essential balance and soothing leader for my peace of mind!!"

- Trina Lomax Walker

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