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How Do You Know This Course Is Right For You?


Your mind is positively focused on achieving your goals, you’re confident in your decisions of what to do and how to do, plus, you have a keen level of discernment and you’re well on your journey to reaching your first goal. Then, one after the other, you’re plowing through goals and feeling better than you have ever felt. Now, you feel energized! It’s been a long time coming but you have finally arrived at a place in your life where you’re doing the things that take you from where you are to where you want to be. And, the best part of all, your faith has increased. You walk with God and hear him.

Your daily walk with God is illuminating his plan and path for you, and you get it. You actually get it!

If you can see yourself in this imagine you’re in the right place.

Do You Have Challenges?

Do you feel life is managing you? From the time you wake up until you lay down at night there is so much you have to do, so much expected of you. You want to be consistent in managing your life so you can realize your hopes and dreams. You want to overcome negativity and maybe even trauma. You know your life is so much more than working: at home, at the job, with your extended family and friends, and serving others. Yes. These things are a part of who you are. But, they’re not only who you are. If you could overcome mindset challenges and step over into more godly wisdom your life would be so much better.

I get it! I was managing a team of 40 people, serving on several ministries, a wife, an entrepreneur and, I allowed myself to be talked into serving on our Home Owners Association Board. Why I added one more thing to my-over-extended life, I do not know. After breaking my body down, what became clear to me is that I needed a mindset adjustment, godly wisdom and God’s plan for me.


*I discovered my faith statement that allowed me to quench every thought that came to mind regarding me not being able to hear from God and know what he wants me to do.

*I learned how to maximize my thoughts (with intentional focus on The Creator), communing with him in an impactful way in less than 1 hour of time, weekly. My confidence sky-rocketed.

*I Learned to live the God’s Kingdom life that has opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that were always there, waiting for me.

Hi, I'm Vernel

I believe there is one Creator, who created everything; and, I am His handy work, and a gift to Himself.

I believe I have a responsibility to the Creator and a reason for being here on His planet.

I believe what I do for the Creator should include others and bless them in some way.

I believe, that just like I did not have anything to do with being born, I should not spend any time worrying, but rather, I should live according to His will for my life; and live joyfully.

I believe in having faith (in the Creator), along with works. The works start with me nurturing my God spirit.

I know I must decrease daily so His Holy Spirit can increase, daily, in me.

I know I have no value to the Kingdom of God if I don’t allow Him to lead me in His Truth and show me His Way, which can only occur with transformation.

The five milestones helped me: overcome 6 health diagnosis without the need for surgery or medication, realize I am an Author, Songstress, Teacher, Coach and Entrepreneur, plus, provided new income sources.

I welcome you to apply these five milestones to your life and watch your transformation occur in the most beautiful, gentle and impactful way... you, living life on purpose, instinctively positive, passionate and powerful.


Transform Y.O.U.

What If...

You Finally Had The Perfect [Mindset Adjustment]

Imagine the confidence you will have when you invest your time in nurturing your inner strength to become the best version of yourself.

You Positioned Yourself To Achieve [Godly Wisdom]

Leave behind the unfulfilling course of life and step into purposeful living where you make the decisions that are right for you.

You Had The Knowledge of [God’s Plan]

Confidently, establish the right connections for new income sources. And be your authentic self, living in peace.

What If...

You Finally Had The Perfect [Mindset Adjustment]

Imagine the confidence you will have when you invest your time in nurturing your inner strength to become the best version of yourself.

You Positioned Yourself To Achieve [Godly Wisdom]

Leave behind the unfulfilling course of life and step into purposeful living where you make the decisions that are right for you.

You Had The Knowledge of [God’s Plan]

Confidently, establish the right connections for new income sources. And be your authentic self, living in peace.

You have been waiting for the right opportunity to come your way. You have been hoping and praying for your life to change.

What you really want is transformation. Transformation allows for permanent change. You can improve your mindset, achieve godly wisdom and implement your plan with confidence, knowing God is guiding you in His perfect plan for you. Most of all, you will have the intimate personal relationship with The Creator that you always wanted.


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Milestone 1

The WAY"N"

In this module, you'll discover...

The door to your transformation. No one else can enter your door. It is your unique entry way to identifying your challenges. You will learn to express how you feel and what you think, so you can prepare yourself for transformation.

Your spirit has always been ready and willing to help achieve your goals. Your physical desires have a way of holding you back. The WAY"N" sets you on your course to move beyond physical limitations.

Milestone 2


In this module, you'll discover...

Internal stressors that cause you to give up on your goals. Once you discover your main internal stressors, you can maintain consistency in your pursuit to live life on your terms.

You will also discover your external stressors. Knowing what they are is important. It is normal to consider internal and external stressors as equals. But, they are not. You will address them correctly, so you can control your destiny.

Milestone 3


In this module, you'll learn...

How to successfully maneuver through each day, while allowing yourself to transform. Life does not wait for you to achieve your goals, pursue your passions, or fulfill your hopes.

You must get to where you are going in spite of what life throws your way. SEAing, just like the name, helps you establish the right flow, so you can manage your life as you transform.

Milestone 4

The Follow Technique

In this module, you'll learn...

How to follow your transformation path. Transformation is change that you feel. Embracing change can be challenging. However, you were born with the capacity for great change: from fetus to infant to child to adult. Change is always happening.

With the right attitude and aptitude, you will find you have the capacity to embrace your change. And, you can see change as a welcomed relief. This milestone helps you recognize your potential and move forward in confidence.

Milestone 5

Specific Weapon

In this module, you'll design...

Your blueprint for maintaining your transformation, so you can handle whatever comes your way. Living as your most positive, instinctive self is great. You can confidently make decisions.

You can also be consistent and purposeful in your actions and change when you need to, without hesitation. Designing your blueprint means you are living life proactively and better prepared for the unknown.

Hear From Our Satisfied Students

Transform Y.O.U. testimonial

I have been impressed with Vernel’s ability to connect with individuals on so many levels.

Specifically she has made a big difference in my life. I was in a stuck place and did not know how to move forward despite all of my educational accomplishments.

Vernel showed me how to implement spiritual practices discipline, and make bolder steps in reaching my goals. I would recommend her to anyone who’s serious about wanting more. She introduced me to what is important for me... she helps me to de-stress my life."

Dr. Hazel Wyatt-Wilson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) & By His Word Outreach Ministry

Transform Y.O.U. testimonial

"Vernel is on point!

I am so glad to find someone who is sincere in what they do.

She listened and heard what I was saying and kept me on MY path and MY journey. She did not steer me this way or that, but brought me back to who I am about and my specific journey.

And when I was feeling confused she helped me to find my place of clarity. I really value having a coach that is listening to me.

Jessica Hairston, MD, FAPA, Board-Certified Psychiatrist at Cognitive Psychiatry

Transform Y.O.U. testimonial

“I enjoy all this course has to offer:

Knowledge about how I need to think and what I need to do.

Weight loss is a key component on how to think so not to be stressed out, or how to decrease the time I’m stressed and come back to a place of peace.

You want what Transform Y.O.U. has to offer so you can feel better health-wise and be better regardless of what life throws your way.

Life does have a way of getting away from you and Transform Y.O.U. is an excellent resource to redirect your mind, body and spirit to a healthier and better You!”

Barbara Williams, RN

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